Race Previews

Huatulco 2022

2022 World Triathlon Cup Huatulco on 17-18 June.

Huatulco is a World Cup event in Mexico.

Sprint format: 750m 1 lap swim - 20 km 4 lap bike - 5km 2 lap run.

The most challenging aspect is the heat and humidity, which can become greater if there is also rain.

The swim is a beach start with a fairly simple shore break to negotiate. Navigation is simple and the shortest route is to the right of the start line facing the water.

There is a long (50sec at high intensity) run to T1 and a 400m hill at 15% gradient out of T1. The bike generally remains as one pack. The video has highlights on this.

The bike course is open, with corners you can pedal through, although it does tighten up as you approach T2. Stay to the left on approach to T2. The approach is fast and some athletes received penalties in the past for overshooting the dismount line.

The run out of T2 negotiates the same hill as the bike, so having a fast T2 is critical. The run was where the race is most often won. Be prepared for a hot, fast run.

Please note the final course details are published on triathlon.org here (link to) (https://triathlon.org/events/event/2022_world_triathlon_cup_huatulco) and will be presented at the Athlete briefing.